Procrastination! #sol16

It’s 8:00pm. I’m sitting here, bleary-eyed, starting at my computer screen because grades are due by midnight and I still have one stack of reflective responses to finish grading before I can post my grades online.

This is what procrastination looks like:

Let me check my email. Hmm, a JCC class for interfaith couples to make their own ceramic Passover seder plates? Let me text the babysitter and see if she’s available that night. Yes, she is! Let me register. Where is my wallet?

Great, I’m registered! What else is in my email? Ooh, Target’s new line for spring is 70’s inspired! What pretty dresses do they have for me to drool over?

Oh shit, it’s 8:20 already. Back to grading…

Ooh, one of my Facebook friends is looking for some book recommendations. Okay, going on Goodreads to look up some of the titles I’ve enjoyed from the, say, past five years…

Hmm, this post about an apartment for sale in Somerville looks interesting. What beautiful pictures!

Uh-oh, it’s 8:42. Only a couple more grades to go…

Wait, someone responded to my post about books! I have to respond back right away.

Okay, okay, let’s finish this last bit of grading…. Damn, I should have graded these last week when they turned them in…

Ugh, finally. Now it’s time to enter comments. I hate our comment system, none of them ever seem to capture exactly how I feel about my students. Let me go make myself a cup of tea, that will be a nice chance to stretch my legs.

What’s that? A notification on my phone that my aunt played me back in Words with Friends. “Gout”? Hmm, I’m 22 points behind now, what can I play to move back into the lead?

Quick, grab the kettle before it whistles and wakes the baby! Okay, which kind of tea should I have? Let me look through every box to figure out which ones I need to buy more of, since I’m here looking in the tea cupboard and all…

Yikes, 8:57. I don’t want to be up all night, I’d better just get these comments entered and done with.

Sigh. 9:04 and I’m DONE.

Oh yeah, I have to write my blog post for today. Crap. What am I going to write about? That white screen is daunting.

Another Facebook notification? Well, I’ll just look for a minute…

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