Today I am grateful for… #sol16

  1. My husband. Although we are both exhausted from a hectic Monday, he is currently in the living room with K building a “house” using K’s toy tools, giant Amazon boxes that were waiting when we returned home from our long weekend in Vermont, and blankets.
  2. My muscles. My cousin is getting married in Florida in 5 weeks and I realized today that I need to step up my fitness game just a little so I look decent in my dress. (Also, so it still fits…)
  3. Co-workers. Although we teachers spend the majority of our days interacting with students, the few minutes I get to spend talking to them in the morning during my prep period, and during lunch, truly saves my sanity.
  4. The public library (including the library at my school). Both prevent me from blowing my budget on books and allow me to indulge my reading addiction.
  5. Instacart. Having someone else drive to the store, do my shopping, and bring it to my house allowed me to work out today. Hallelujah!
  6. My dogs. We rescued Max, our older Boston terrier, 9.5 years ago. Now, at 13 human years old, he’s deaf, blind, and starting to get a little senile, but he’s still the best snuggler in the world. And Bonnie, our 7 year old rescue who came into our family shortly before I became pregnant, has adopted K as her own pup. They are truly my “fur babies.”
  7. Leftovers for dinner. Making my life easier since forever.
  8. Chocolate chip banana bread — that my mommy made. SWOON.
  9. My students. My Creative Writing class wrote amazing stories today. My juniors are super engaged in reading A Raisin in the Sun and getting better each day at literary analysis. This week is parent-teacher conferences at our school, and I know I’m going to have so many stellar things to tell their parents about them.
  10. Not having to grade anything this evening + Netflix. And SLEEP.

9 thoughts on “Today I am grateful for… #sol16

  1. This is wonderful! I loved reading every item on your list. Sometimes lists are the best snapshots of the moment. This inspires and reassures me for when I am dead tired after conferences this week and need a go-to for slicing. 🙂


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