Interfaith Date Night #sol16

slice of lifeOn the rare occasion that J and I have the energy and the wherewithal to get a babysitter, we go out.

This doesn’t happen often.

Tonight, though, was one of those nights. At 5:45 pm, our babysitter “Maddie” arrived. She has been K’s sitter for about a year, so most of his life, and he adores her. We threw a pizza in the oven, put “Curious George” on the TV, and ran out the door. See ya!

After a 10 minute car ride, we arrived at our destination: Indigo Fire, a clay and glass art studio. I had enrolled us in a class sponsored by the Greater Boston JCC, for interfaith couples to enjoy a Shabbat dinner and make Passover seder plates together!

I think that J agreed, hoping our date night would look like this:

GHOST, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, 1990, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection
(I think he forgot there would be other people in the room, too……)

It looked more like this:

We started the night with Shabbat blessings, wine, and challah (the JCC of Greater Boston hosted, after all), and then, because the food was late, had a quick tutorial about working with clay. There were eight couples, some who had experience making ceramics and some who had been to Indigo Fire before. Neither J nor I have ever done any kind of pottery-making before, but we are both artistic, and so we quickly agreed upon a design: a rectangular plate with a “Tree of Life” split into six sections, one for each part of the seder plate:

What goes on a seder plate? Symbolic foods representing tears and bitterness and life and death. Like you do. We eat some of them, some just sit there. Progressive Jews also add an orange to symbolize women and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters’ inclusion in the Jewish community.

After much bickering about the width of the clay, was it smooth enough, were the sides symmetrical — all the things that a couple trying to make art together would bicker about, of course — we got to actually implementing our design.


This part went fairly smoothly. Thanks to the supportive staff, we both learned so many interesting techniques and tools that go into the creation of pottery. Halfway through creation, the food arrived, so all of us paused our art, washed our hands, and sat down to eat. Almost all of us had young children; all were half-Jewish couples like us.

After our quick meal of salad, chicken, falafel and hummus, we got back to work. We only had 45 minutes to finish our construction and then glaze the piece! Although the time constraint was a little stressful, we finished in plenty of time, were proud of our finished product, and even had smiles on our faces at the end!

After almost 16 years of togetherness, nearly 10 years of marriage, and close to two years of parenthood, it sometimes seems that there is nothing new to discover about one another. Tonight’s date night was a nice reminder that the process of trying something new, together, is always a worthwhile endeavor.

And now, of course, we can’t wait to host Passover seder in April.


4 thoughts on “Interfaith Date Night #sol16

  1. What a wonderful activity for date night! I’m impressed by your artwork, but more so by your stamina. You had the wherewithal to get sitter, look gorgeous, engage in a creative activity, and complete a finished Seder plate! Damn. Amazing!

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  2. Such a fun post! It took me awhile to discover the six sections on your tree of life, but I did find them. I love that you spent a “creative” date night together. And I learned something new, Progressive Jews have added an orange to the Seder plate.


  3. I HOWLED at that Ghost reference. I love it that you two take time to be creative together and that your date night was so great. It’s a good reminder that the kids need the parentals to be happy, too. Beautiful plate!


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