Pet Peeve #sol16

slice of lifeI’m pretty much out of gas today, my brain is fried, it’s been a long week — basically, I’m going to use my Slice tonight to vent. Sorry. Get out now if you don’t want to hear about it.

Commence whinging in 3…2…1….

Now that K is approaching two, all we seem to hear about is WHEN ARE YOU HAVING A SECOND CHILD?!?!?! Oh my god is this an irritating question. We’ve heard it from both grandmothers, an uncle, random people we work with, the lady at the grocery store…

Looks, here’s why you don’t ask that question of someone. It’s because YOU DON’T KNOW. A) The question assumes the parents actually want another one, which is none of your business; b) it’s problematic to inquire when because hey, you don’t know if the couple in question has got fertility issues or has been trying or something else is going on that is none of your business; and c) it is none of your mothertruckin’ business. 

Look, I get it: we made a really adorable kid.


And everybody loves babies and most people have more than one kid and blah blah blah.

The point is, it’s such an invasive question. I felt this way when we were married and people asked when we were going to have kids. Are they really asking about our sex life and/or the occupancy of my uterus? Why yes, yes they are. MYOB or GTFO.

Rant over. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Slicing. Have a nice night!


6 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #sol16

  1. From the moment a woman shows her pregnancy, it seems as if it is open season for friends and strangers alike to ask about babies. I do not know why that is. I say, slay them with shock and humor – “Oh, we try four and five times a day” or “K says he doesn’t want a sibling and he’s the boss”. (These are lame…with thought, we can do better!!)


  2. Once you’re a mother, someone always wants to interfere with your child rearing as well as with the overall family stuff. Try not to take it all in–easy for me to say, though. I’m 47 and DONE. Nobody asks me anymore. You did make a cute kid. One is enough, but we were pleased with the second, a sweet girl surprise.


  3. I hope venting helped. It’s important for people who pry to hear your thoughts. Your son is so beautiful. In your piece, despite your venting, you do think of their limited point of view. I think it’s important that they hear your views. Thank you for venting. Enjoy every single moment with your beautiful family. I am so happy raising my son. I can relate to your venting. After my divorce in my early 30s, many family members and friend kept asking when I was going to remarry and build my life over. Even when I bump into Haitian elders I have not seen in years, they look at me and say in a little sad tone, “You never rebuilt your life.” (Haitian expression) I love to smile and state, “Yes, I have built a beautiful, joyful, and peaceful life for my son and me.” And, by the Grace of God, I have. Enjoy!


  4. I can hear your voice throughout this piece, from the very beginning when you write,”Get out now if you don’t want to hear about it.” Bwahaha! There is no way I’m passing on an invitation like that.
    So I always thought the intrusiveness of family planning comments was limited to my family, but I guess it’s universal. Mind your own mothertruckin’ business and GTFO indeed!


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