Stickler for the rules… #sol16

When someone tells me
This is the rule

It’s like a small buzzer
goes off inside my head

Some people can get away
with bending like Gumby

But I was never one
of those cool girls

At ease with asking forgiveness
instead of permission

So here’s my blog post for today
Because the rule is that I must

Post everyday, right?
And god forbid

I forget. The internet
doesn’t let you take sick days

And besides, I’m not
very good at saying

I’m sorry.

slice of life

4 thoughts on “Stickler for the rules… #sol16

  1. I love it because I can relate. True the internet keeps us from resting! I love the tone of your poem: its rhythm reinforces the need to follow rules!


  2. Yes, your free verse couplets really capture a cadence of rule following and competing desire to break out of the rule following box. The tension is great. Gumby!!!!


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