#sol17 The Joy of Window Shopping

Oslice of lifene of my great joys lately has been online window shopping. You probably know the drill: troll a website (my favorites are Modcloth, Anthropologie, Loft, eShakti…) and ogle the beautiful clothes. Add a bunch of things to your cart. Pretend you are going to buy them. Perseverate over whether or not they’ll fit and if you really need them and how much damage this would do to your checking account. Don’t buy anything.

Lately, I’ve also been looking at clothing that I loved at Anthropologie, my spirit-animal store, which has found a second life on Ebay. Like an online consignment shop, Ebay allows me to fill my watch list with things I will likely never buy but love to look at.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.48.28 PM
                                    Dresses, beautiful dresses, so many pretty pretty dresses….

Some people claim that a love of fashion makes one superficial. I beg to differ. Art, literature, fashion – these things are part of the aesthetic process by which we express both our unique and common humanities. Sometimes I like to wander around a museum; sometimes I like to pick up an important and beautiful book; and sometimes I like to look at pretty clothes. Besides, people are allowed to be multifaceted: one can *both* be smart and care about their appearance. Just ask Elaine Showalter or Elle Woods!


6 thoughts on “#sol17 The Joy of Window Shopping

  1. Ha ha, funny meme to go with your piece!
    You opened my eyes- I hadn’t though of online window shopping.
    I think you would enjoy the writing of Robin Givhan. She writes about style for the Washington Post newspaper. She is very tuned into the social aspects of fashion design. And she writes very well- you might look her up 🙂


  2. I do this all. the. time. Anthropologie is my dream store, but I usually can’t afford anything there. Modcloth is one of my favorites to online window shop – I would live in their dresses and skirts if I could. I’m pretty sure Jessica Day (from New Girl) is my fashion inspiration.

    Good luck staying smart and stylish! 🙂

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  3. I’m a big online window shopper, too! And I love eShakti! I have a few of their dresses, including one that a co-worker said makes me look like a princess, and one that makes me feel super cute! My online widow shopping “trick” is to fill my cart and then start reducing it one item at a time, until I get to a total that feels just about approachable, then I get to decide (for-realz) if I’m going to spend the money.

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