#sol17 Sleep Deprived: A Story in Three Acts

Act One:

Scene 1: K goes to sleep late, due to our late dinner and his overall excitement at being in Vermont for our annual family reunion weekend. Bedtime takes twice as long; he wants to be rocked extra-long, to go say goodnight to all his family a second time, to read just one more book, for Mom to rub his back again. Finally he’s asleep.

Scene 2: An hour later. We are sharing a room with him (and my cousins and their wives). Luckily he stays asleep while all six of us get into bed. There is a God, I think.

Act Two:

Scene 1: Sometime during the night. K wakes up. “Momma.” I wake up. “Momma.” I get out of bed, go to the crib, fix his blankets, rub his back, make sure he has his pacifier. I go back to bed.

Scene 2: Fifteen minutes later. “Momma….” I pick him up and bring him into bed with us.

Scene 3: An hour later. K has tossed and turned for the last hour. J and I have tossed and turned for the last hour. My cousin Max has snored loudly for the last hour. K cries. He can’t fall asleep. I sit up and rock him in my arms. I ask if he wants to go back into his crib. “Yes.” I look at my cell phone when I get back into bed. 4:07.

Scene 4: “Momma!” 4:52. K is awake again. He comes back into bed with us. Luckily the snoring has stopped.

Act Three 

Scene 1: An alarm goes off. It’s 6:00. Someone forgot to turn off their cell phone alarm; I bolt awake. K stays asleep.

Scene 2: Some time later. I can hear talking. My cousins are awake and getting ready. K sits up and says, “I hear something.” He lies back down. I hear laughing from the other side of the room.

Scene 3: “Momma, wake up! Good morning Momma!” I look at my cell phone. It’s 8:00. Time to get up, I guess. Sigh… How many hours until nap time?

slice of life

4 thoughts on “#sol17 Sleep Deprived: A Story in Three Acts

  1. Ariel: O.M.G. this is hell on earth. I’m so, so sorry because this is when I would just melt into a sobbing mass of tears (seems like that’s what I have a lot of at present). I hope you can get some sleep tonight. I’ll cross my fingers for an extra strong dose of toddler sleepy dust. Hugs!

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