#sol17 Snow Day!

A snow day means…

Sleeping in

One of K’s 19879823 tools

Playing tools before breakfast

Watching too much TV

Reading 1000 children’s books

Not reading my book (Hidden Figures which I am finding it very dense & kind of hard to get through, to be completely honest)

Getting nap-trapped on the rocking chair when K fell asleep on my lap

Asking K if he wanted to go outside to play in the snow at least 4 times, and hearing “No” every time (“It’s coooold…” he murmured as he stared at the blowing snow out the window)

Making banana bread

We added walnuts and chocolate chips and it tasted amazing!

Watching too much TV…again

Snuggling on the couch

Making macaroni and cheese for dinner

Checking my work email to find out if we’re lucky enough to have a second snow day tomorrow (we’re not)

Giving K a bath

Trying to fish a bathtub crayon out from the drain (bye-bye, blue…)

Reading another 100 books before bed

Having a long “conversation” with Tappy, K’s rocking horse, about which books to read

Playing an impromptu game of hide-and-go-seek before bed

Stealth photo of toddler feet coming to find me!

Watching J shovel snow from the living room window so we can drive to work tomorrow (best husband ever)

Enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of banana bread before bed


Feeling totally relaxed, happy, and in love with my life

slice of life

3 thoughts on “#sol17 Snow Day!

  1. Nap-trapped! Omg, what a perfect term! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I almost get nap-trapped by Ruthie every day, unless I can remember to get her into bed riiiiiight as she falls asleep. But sometimes I just can’t put her down and I’m stuck for an hour.

    Right now I’m cat-trapped by my kitten, and I’m already dreading the fact that I’m going to disrupt her to get up and wash my face. 😦

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  2. I’m with Shana, I loved “nap-trapped,” too! That’s a great term! And — still with Shana — when I read it, I thought of being cat-trapped, a thing that happens daily, as my cats love to drape themselves over my legs (lap, arms, any part of me they can drape themselves over)!

    Glad you had such a great snow day. (Wish we all had a second one!)

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