#sol17 Go the F to Sleep

I wrote this Slice last night:

I am currently hiding in the bathroom with a glass of wine listening on the monitor to my husband try to get the toddler to sleep after I tag-teamed him in at the start of hour 2 of bedtime.

This is my life now.

What a way to spend a Saturday night.

3 thoughts on “#sol17 Go the F to Sleep

  1. This is the most wonderful. I feel like “What a way to spend a Saturday night” could make for a fantastic series of blog posts actually…I spent my Saturday night seeing the new Beauty & the Beast and was in bed by 10pm.

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  2. I feel your pain! When I put my little ones to sleep, I feel like I Ninja Crawl out of the room, for fear of rousing the beast in both of them! I hope you enjoyed your well deserved wine and that bedtime will be better tonight!

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