Day 20 #sol18 Lost time

Yesterday I…

  • woke up at 5 am to do yoga
  • taught from 8am-2:30pm
  • sent a bunch of emails
  • planned a brand new analysis lesson (including creating a new graphic organizer)
  • bought my son clearance snow gear for next winter
  • bought a book and an outfit for a work friend’s baby shower
  • discussed the next unit that my student teacher is planning
  • planned three meetings for later in the week
  • attended MCAS training after school (next week, oh yay…)
  • went food shopping
  • took care of my kid and dogs
  • completed my educator evaluation paperwork
  • helped my husband complete his educator evaluation paperwork
  • spent over an hour trying to get my son to fall asleep

Yesterday I did not…

  • write my Slice of Life blog post

Win some, lose some.




Day 18 #sol18 A new adventure!

I’ve been skiing since I was eight years old, and my husband J even longer. J was on the ski team in high school, and some of our favorite times together have been spent on a ski mountain.

Since our son K was born in June 2014, both the cost and the logistics of one of our favorite pastimes have been a challenge… but now that he’s almost four years old, we figured it was about time he get out on the snow, right?!



We went to Ragged Mountain in NH, where both of us learned to ski over two decades ago.


We didn’t know what this first experience would be like, but surprisingly (or not?) K took right to it!


After almost a dozen rides up the little magic carpet – a conveyor belt-like ride up a small bunny hill, far superior to the crappy rope tows of my childhood – K was ready to graduate to the big magic carpet.

This was definitely one of the less coordinated runs down the hill, haha.

Then, a few runs later, he took on the big time: THE CHAIRLIFT!


We exclusively rode the triple lift up Barnyard, a green circle (novice) hill, and after a few hours of skiing, lunch, and a few more runs, K was toast. But he loved it, he had a great first experience, and even better, he wants to go back to the mountain next weekend! So it looks like a lot more skiing is in our family’s future!


slice of life

Day 14 #sol18 Grateful

Today was our second snow day! We got about 2 feet of snow at our house, north of Boston, and there was just as much in the city to need to cancel school again today for the cleanup.

This morning, we went into Cambridge to J’s grandmother’s house to do snow removal for her tenants.

As I stood there in the sun, surrounded by soft, wet snow, shovel in hand, I gave thanks to my body. March 14 may not be a day of thanksgiving, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in my 35 years, it’s to acknowledge gratitude everyday.

I am grateful for my body, which was able to grow and birth a baby.

I am grateful for recovery, for the strength and energy that I have been able to regain.

I am grateful for arms that can lift, legs that can squat, a strong back.

I am grateful for community, for distance that is eliminated by the internet, for women who post fitness videos online so women like me can begin again.

I am grateful for support, for my husband who entertains our child so I can work out, who encourages me when I want to quit.

And after two hours of shoveling, I was grateful for sore muscles. They meant that I could, that I did.

slice of life

Day 13 #sol18 Scenes from a snow day!

This is the second nor’easter in as many weeks for New England, and I am Over. It.

Last week, my district was one of the only ones in the state to remain open, but the forecast for this one was apparently intense enough that they called a snow day last night.

But even though everyone in my house is ready for spring and baseball and warmer weather, we’re still making the most of it. My Slice today a photo essay entitled “Scenes from a Snow Day: Part I” – enjoy!

Day 9 #sol18 Road trip!

slice of lifeOne of the fun things about doing to Slice of Life challenge every March is seeing what stays the same and what changes from year to year. (I guess that’s a benefit to only Slicing in March?)

This means that every year, I blog about going to Vermont to my family’s annual reunion weekend (see 2016, 2017). Well, today is the day we leave!

So the Slice of my Life today is all about packing.

I must admit, I am a bit of a cliche when it comes to packing. I take waaaaaaay more than I really need.

I wanted Cher’s closet SO BADLY when I was in high school…. (Source)

But pre-child, packing was a thing I could do pretty quickly, if I needed to.

Well, not anymore! Now I pack for myself, plus my kid. (My husband packs for himself – I refuse to take that step.) This means I am not only packing my own clothes and shoes and toiletries, but everything we might need for K – clothes, pajamas, extra outfits in case he has an accident, pull-ups, toys, books, where are his mittens? oh no, did I grab his sound machine? Plus our dogs, their dog bed, their leashes, their food for the weekend. Plus all the gear for the activities we might do in Vermont: skiing, snowshoeing, sledding.

It’s a LOT of stuff.

Not our actual car, I swear.

J and I definitely had a mild spat about packing last night when we were both tired and cranky, but today we’re enjoying a leisurely morning as we finish up. By 11 o’clock we hope to be on the road and on our way up to Vermont for a fun-filled weekend of family insanity.

So, I guess I’d better finish this blog post so I can double- and triple-check that we have everything and get ready to go!


Day 3 #sol18 Mornings are rough.

K is almost four years old, and he’s been having a hard time sleeping lately. Who knows why: full moon, growth spurt, just being three? This means he ends up in our bed most nights, even when he starts in his own big boy bunk bed. Last night he fell asleep in our bed, his tiny heating pad of a body taking up most of our queen mattress.

This morning, I heard a tiny voice in my ear: “Momma, I’m not tired. Time to get up!”

UGH. What time is it? 7:39. Okay, I guess we’ll get up now.

K ran down the hall into his room before I got up. Two minutes later, he came running back and threw a pile of clothes at my face. “Momma, GET UP!”

As I sat up, he ran back down the hall, screaming. I followed: “Want me to help you get dressed?”

“YES!          NO!          YES!”

I grabbed the T-rex shirt he had thrown at me. “Okay, put this on!”

“NOOOOO! I don’t want that shirt!”

“Okay, pick out a different one then?”

“NOOO! I want that shirt!”

Basically my exact face at this point.

We did eventually get dressed, and then he said he wanted to go play outside.

“Okay, we need to eat first.”

Commence screaming in 3… 2… 1…



He didn’t want to eat, he wanted to watch a show. I put on an episode of his current favorite, Doc McStuffins, and he was fine… for about five minutes before he started tantruming again. Finally I got some food into him – yogurt, raisin toast, and berries.

And just like that, the hangry attack was over.

Oof, morning are rough sometimes.

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